Business objectives should drive your IT and not the other way around. Without an understanding of the business, you can't support it using IT resources. We have the skill-sets to discuss and understand business needs then match these to a technology solution that matches the requirements of the business both for today and tomorrow. A solution that the business can afford. A solution that is dynamic, so the wick can be turned up and down as the market dictate. A solution that puts the business in control with standard costs to pay for services as the business consumes them. A solution that protects the business IP and enhances the user experience to both reduce costs and increase customer service. Most of all the technology should allow the business managers/owners to concentrate on their business and not worry about their IT.


Full testing of your IT Continuity as a Service is available to you. As part of the standard fee a quarterly test is included, four times per annum. A higher testing frequency is available at extra cost. The timing of the test itself is determined by our Support Team. The reasoning behind this is twofold. Firstly it is to keep everybody's costs down and secondly it is to ensure we are not placing undue strain on the shared centralised VM resources. We will give you at least 30 days notice of the next scheduled test and it will be carried out whether you wish to participate or not. Testing is very important and should form part of your Disaster Recovery plan. It is also useful to show the results of these test to interested parties such as Insurance Brokers or prospective clients. Testing has no affect whatsoever on your production platform but shows a mirror image along side.

Backup Strategy

Just because you can backup your data every 15 minutes it should not be seen as a green light to do it for every database or fileserver you have. All you will do is clog up your broadband connection with mindless tasks that are not delivering any business benefit. Backup is normally achieved in one hit initially and then in increments. For example a daily backup takes daily incremental backups and after 30 days rolls these up into a full backup. So you end up with two backup's a month apart. As standard, the earliest is then over-written with the latest copy - after sucessful verification. It is possible to retain more copies at monthly intervals. These are available at extra cost dependent on the storage level required. Our team can discuss with you a suitable strategy over the estate covering virtual, physical, network, online and SaaS options. Verification checks are automatic.

Restore Strategy

In normal circumstances it is the choice of the client when and how a restore takes place. This may be as granular as one file to a single location or one server that has failed. The process is quite simple and you will have a choice of snapshot and incremental backups to choose from. The process itself should take less than 15 minutes. Under the worse case scenario the whole data centre or server room may have been lost. A full restore will be available to you from the remote location. To ensure that your business continues to operate as usual pre-arranged steps and processes may be required. Our team can discuss these actions with you to ensure that under 'God Forbid' conditions there are no surprises or panics. The contract price includes a 14 day use of the remote VMs. This can be extended to a maximum of 3 months at extra cost.

School of IT Continuity

Available to customers only, the BiZNeT School of IT Continuity is our clients educational resource. It is designed to offer a broad range of knowledge across the world of backup, restore, Cyber Protection and is constantly being updated with new content. The film team focuses on making your solution easier to understand through short videos devoted to specific topics or tasks, while the reports, whitepapers and A-Z of IT Continuity expand further on aspects related to safeguarding your business.

The School of IT Continuity also publishes related articles from across the internet, including sources such as GCHQ, National Cyber Security Centre and a variety of independent news agencies, analysts and journalists. We also look to all our clients to feedback their experiences in order to make this resource as representative of our community as possible.

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