IntraClouds BiZNeT range is designed for SMEs and it has been developed around simplicity.

We are not trying to be the master of all and by focussing specifically on a particular market and a particular product set, we are not only able to deliver a very high product specification but also at the most optimum cost. Nothing is included that is not required by all but they are available as extra cost options. Simple does not mean stupid and all the best things are normally around the simplest ideas.


SMEs together share the costs of the highly specified and available technology .

You could buy this solution as a stand alone item. It is available but disasters don't happen every day. So why pay for a recovery solution, as if you are constantly recovering? The model here assumes that not all the contributors will experience a disaster at the same time. Indeed some will never experience it at all. But if and when your time comes you will have the bulk of available resources. Just for you.


Once everything is first set up, pretty much everything else runs automatically.

Backups, reports, testing are all automated. This means your staff are free to do useful things for your business like developing Apps or new processes to improve efficiency or revenue streams. They don’t have to worry about wasting time maintaining the system themselves. A better user experience also leaves you free to focus on the things that matter most, like growing your business.

Compression & De-duplication

IntraClouds BiZNeT can run many businesses using Windows Server but only needs one copy.

Just because a single platform has many users using the same Operating Systems and Applications doesn't mean that each individual instance needs to be separately stored. So long as the revision levels are right, one copy can be shared over many users. This together with our development of advanced compression algorithms and de-duplication save space and cost for everyone.


We collaborate with teams across the globe who specialise in specific areas of the platform.

Together we make it better. Together we make it simpler, Together we make it smarter. Together we deliver better value. The real benefit of mixing specialisation within a team environment is that we get little insights into what everyone is doing. Just like the British cycling team we are always looking to get a tiny improvement on any one item. Done enough times, the total sum makes a difference.

Hardware that Rocks

We don't buy just because of a name. We buy for the best performance, support and price.

The hardware we use comes from established, worldwide IT manufacturers. They are well known in the industry but perhaps less known in general terms. The benefits are we get a lot more bang for our buck with the best support. However, not everything is just price driven. The platform follows a 2N architecture. So there are two of everything needed. Nice to have and again shared across the whole.

CoLo that is FAST

Our platform are colocated at UKFast's own Data Centres in Manchester - and not just for speed.

Colocation in London is far more expensive than colocation outside the M25. Many organisations such as banks, share and commodity traders, corporations or large enterprises are prepared to pay the higher fee to gain a few milliseconds on trades or because they don't want any latency. UKFast not only deliver a great price but also 100% uptime SLA, ISO27001 and 24/7 on-site support.


Encryption at rest and in transit backed by anti-virus and malware detection servers.

AES 256-bit encryption with VPN secure tunnelling delivers a great user experience whilst retaining the highest security levels. The platform incorporates 2 synchronised firewalls in a high availability configuration with heartbeat failover. There are 2 anti-virus/malware servers, 2 encryption servers and 2 VPN servers. The whole sentinel system has a 22GB pass through to ensure no user delay.

A Competitive Edge

Moving to a 'IT Continuity as a Service' model gives SMEs speed, agility and choice.

This service delivery mechanism allows smaller businesses to act faster than bigger, established competitors. Many public sector bodies are now requiring suppliers to show proof of continuity within their business model to participate in many tenders and framework agreements. This service gets an SME from A to B fast with low costs and no capital investment. A true edge.

And it's environmentally friendly too!

Moving to a 'as a Service' model isn’t just about your business success. The environment gets a break too. When your business needs fluctuate, your capacity and cost scales up and down to fit. So you only use the energy you need and nothing goes to waste.

It’s not a one size fits all model and in our case is carbon neutral.

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