Your solution is housed primarily within your own premises but not within your data centre. Options to have self-contained, fire-proof accommodation are available for the local appliance to ensure its security. The remote appliance is normally located at a colocation site or another local premises owned by the client. Either can be specified to ensure your data is protected at all times.


The appliances are built of a 2N architecture. This means that they have twice the need as required to fulfil the task. For example ; 2 x Power Supplies, 2 x CPU's, Raid 60 storage etc. This ensures that no single point of failure exists within the solution. When both an on-site and off-site appliance are specified this delivers maximum reliability for all events.


Your solution will be backed by a team of UK-based technical engineers, plus a dedicated account manager. Our expert technicians are on-hand 24/7/365, so you can rest assured that we are here whenever you need support. As standard you'll have your own dedicated team, so that when you do need to get in touch, you can be assured we're familiar with both your solution and your business.

Why Backup?

With data protection being a critical business necessity, it's imperative you have a backup solution to mitigate business risks, guarantee compliance, reduce costs and help improve the overall success of your business. Failure to properly manage and safeguard your vital data can result in business disruption, losses or the potential failure of your business itself.

Backup is essentially a snapshot or picture of the state of your data before it disappeared or was destroyed, with the data being periodically overwritten as it changes. During the backup process, a copy of data at a specific point in time is created in case something should happen to the original. Therefore, in the case of a failure, the data can be reconstructed from that time.

Why Choose Disaster Recovery with IntraCloud?

With an ever- increasing dependence on IT systems for your business operations, it's vital you have a complete disaster recovery solution in place to ensure the rapid recovery and continuity of your business, should a disaster occur. Our system not only backs up your data but also your data centre too.

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